Jerry Brooks - Jarka Ruus

Jerry Brooks - Jarka Ruus

Título: Jarka Ruus

El autor: Jerry Brooks

Editor: Pocket Books U.k.

Publicado: 05.10.2012

Género: Literatura

ISBN: 9780743414975

Tamaño: 5.90MB

Nº de páginas: 398

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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This high fantasy kicks off a new trilogy within the long-running and ever-popular Shannara series. Despite the passage of 20 years, Grianne Ohmsford, the Ard Rhys, or High Druid, of Paranor, still struggles to put her dark past--the days when she was the sinister Ilse Witch--behind her. Many refuse to accept her redemption, blaming her for the actions of her former self and suspecting that she has not entirely turned away from evil. One faction has chosen to act on those suspicions, abducting Grianne and imprisoning her in the demon-inhabited dimension known as the Forbidding. Unfortunately for Grianne, she must put her rescue in the hands of two youths entirely unprepared for heroic deeds: her woefully unmagical nephew, Pendarrin Ohmsford, and the impetuous elf princess Khyber Elessedil.