Paul Cleave - Cemetery Lake

Paul Cleave - Cemetery Lake

Título: Cemetery Lake

El autor: Paul Cleave

Editor: Arrow (Random)

Publicado: 24.01.2019

Género: Literatura

ISBN: 9780099536734

Tamaño: 1.00MB

Nº de páginas: 400

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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Theo Tate is barely coping with life since his world was turned upside down two years ago. As he stands in the cold and rainy cemetery, overseeing the exhumation, the lake opposite the graveyard begins to release its grip on the murky past. Tate knows he should walk away and let his former colleagues in the police deal with it, but against his better judgement he takes matters into his own hands. Will Tate manage to stay one step ahead of the police? Or will the secrets he has buried so deeply be unearthed?